Deleting Objects

Users with "Edit" or "Manage Everything" permissions may delete items. Users may select one or multiple items, then click the Delete button from the options that appear at the bottom of the workspace, and confirm to delete. Project folders as well as objects may be deleted.

Deleting objects

Restore Deleted Objects

Accidentally delete an object in Nuxeo? Or intentionally delete something, but feel remorse or regret? You're in luck, because deleting items in Nuxeo is actually a two-step process.

Items deleted from the Nuxeo workspace are moved into a Trash tab. The item record and the associated file will remain in tact and can be restored.

Users with "Manage Everything" permission will be able to access the Manage tab. Deleted items are moved into the Trash tab that appears in this workspace. To un-delete objects, you may select the item(s) and click the Restore button. These items are then moved to the Content tab of the workspace.

Restoring objects

Permanently Delete Objects

From the Manage > Trash tab, there is also an option to Permanently Delete items, or Empty Trash. Though this action will remove the record from Nuxeo, the content file on our server will survive. Please contact us if you would either like to retrieve this "permanently deleted" file, or if you would like for us to scrub the item completely.