⚠ Temporary pause in the Calisphere publication service during our transition to the new Calisphere harvesting system:

As mentioned in our recent progress update to develop the new Calisphere harvester, we are planning to transition all harvesting operations to the new harvesting system early this year. To prepare for this transition period, we’d like to share a few anticipated service updates:

  • Our current harvesting system will conduct a final publication run on Thursday, January 11. 
  • After January 11, we will briefly be unable to publish new or updated collections as we transition Calisphere to work with the new index. 
  • Once we fully transition, we anticipate the new system will support a more frequent and nimble publication schedule for new collections and updates.

In the meantime, please feel free to use the form below to submit requests to harvest and re-harvest collections; we will queue up your requests to publish your collections to the new index. Our intent is to have the new harvesting system in place by early this year; we will be in touch with a specific date to officially launch the new harvesting system.

Digital collections evolve; items are added and deleted and metadata changes. Our aim is to reflect changes to your collections as quickly as possible in Calisphere.

The Process

Our metadata harvest works on a collection-by-collection basis. When you update or add to a collection (or collections) in your local system -- even if it's just a single item--we will re-harvest the whole collection(s). Simply contact us, using the form below, to initiate the re-harvest. At this time, any re-harvested collection will directly replace the previously-harvested version of the collection; as long as your local identifiers for your objects remain the same, the URLs won't change for the previously-published items in Calisphere.

Currently, harvest is on-request. That is, we will harvest (or re-harvest) a given collection only when expressly notified. Contact us if you anticipate regular additions or changes to a collection(s).

Updating Collections in DPLA

Changes and additions to collections in Calisphere will subsequently be reflected on the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) website.

Need us to re-harvest a published collection?

Let us know by submitting this form!