Digital collections evolve; items are added and deleted and metadata changes. Our aim is to reflect changes to your collections as quickly as possible in Calisphere.

The Process

Our metadata harvest works on a collection-by-collection basis. When you update or add to a collection (or collections) in your local system -- even if it's just a single item--we will re-harvest the whole collection(s). Simply contact us, using the form below, to initiate the re-harvest. At this time, any re-harvested collection will directly replace the previously-harvested version of the collection; as long as your local identifiers for your objects remain the same, the URLs won't change for the previously-published items in Calisphere.

Currently, harvest is on-request. That is, we will harvest (or re-harvest) a given collection only when expressly notified. Contact us if you anticipate regular additions or changes to a collection(s).

Updating Collections in DPLA

Changes and additions to collections in Calisphere will subsequently be reflected on the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) website.

Need us to re-harvest a published collection?

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