RecordEXPRESS is a freebie tool that you can use to quickly and easily publish information about your collections, in the form of an EAD collection guide. You can access RecordEXPRESS through your OAC Dashboard.

You can attach supplemental PDF files to your EAD collection guides, in cases where you have longer collection inventories and other descriptive information that is not encoded in EAD. For an example of what this looks like, check out the "Additional Collection Guides" links at: . Any supplemental PDFs you attach to an EAD file will also be full-text searchable within the OAC—meaning they will appear in OAC search results when users hit on any words within. This only applies to PDFs that have “embedded text,” for example those that have been generated from Word documents or have been scanned using OCR. Simple images of the document in PDF format will not be indexed and therefore will not be searchable. Not sure about your PDF? Open it in a PDF reader. If you can copy and paste text to another document, or conduct a search using CTRL + F, it should be searchable in the OAC.

You may attach one or more PDFs to the collection guide. The PDF files will display in list-format, and the display order of the PDF files will be designated by the filename, arranged in alpha-numeric order. Please note that once you complete the upload process, you will also need to click the "Update Record" button to push the changes to the OAC website.

Moreover, you can also place a link in the guide, pointing to digital versions of the collection items (that are on your local CONTENTdm website, etc.) -- this shows up as an "Online items" link at the top of the guide. Here's an example of a RecordEXPRESS guide, with the link:

For more information on how to use RecordEXPRESS, check out our user guide.

Quick Tutorial

Need to remove a RecordEXPRESS finding aid? Please contact us.

Need to replace a RecordEXPRESS finding aid with a new EAD record, please review these recommendations.