Collections evolve; items are added and deleted; and metadata changes. Our aim is to reflect changes to your collections as quickly as possible in OAC and Calisphere. This page brings together an overview of some of the major types of work you may explore as you continue to learn more about your collections, or as resources at your organization evolve, including:

Removing collections and/or items

We understand that as you learn more about your collections, you may make decisions to remove finding aids or digital items. If you would like to request any removals from OAC and/or Calisphere, the following table points to additional notes so that we can help you process your request.


Removing a finding aid:

We’ll need to conduct the removal process for you. We have some notes here about the info we’ll need in order to remove the finding aid from publication.

Removing a digital item (and/or digital collection):

We are able to remove digital items at your request. However, we do ask that you provide some additional information to help us better understand the context of your removal decision. Here are some additional notes.

Removals and/or feedback received through OAC and Calisphere “contact” forms:

Please also note that we’ll sometimes receive user feedback (and removal requests) through our “contact” forms -- in those cases, we’ll reach out to you and follow this suggested workflow.


Updating, replacing, and/or remediating

Do you need to make any updates to your finding aids or digital collections, such as replacements, additions, or URL changes? We have some tips to help maintain stable URLs, so that users are able to continue to discover your resources as your collections evolve.


Updating a finding aid:

We have some information and recommended steps to follow when you submit updated EAD files. We’d like to ensure that the finding aid URL (ARK) continues to stay persistent, even when your finding aids evolve.

Updating or adding to digital collections:

If you’ve made changes to your digital collection, send us a re-harvest request. We’ll add it to our harvesting queue, and will be in touch for you to review the updates on our -test site.

Replacing RecordEXPRESS finding aids: 

We’re happy to help! Here’s some information on how to get started, and how we can continue to use the same finding aid URL (ARK).

Updating URLs on your public DAMS portal:

Have you made URL changes to your public DAMS? For example, updating your security from "http://" to "https://"; customizing your domain from "" to ""; etc. -- here’s some additional information. In short, please contact us to ensure these URLs continue to resolve.


Moving finding aids or migrating digital collections

You may have some bigger changes in mind, such as: moving finding aids to another repository in OAC; exploring new DAMS solutions; etc. Some details are available below, but please contact us so we can help you strategize how these updates will take into effect on OAC and Calisphere.


Moving finding aids to another repository (or sub-repository) in OAC:

We’re able to utilize a “move” command to transfer published finding aids to another repository (or sub-repository), so let us know! And the best part is: the finding aid URL stays persistent!

Moving to a new DAMS:

Please contact us if you are considering migrating to a new DAMS. Since the items in Calisphere link out to the contributor DAMS, we’d like to ensure these URLs continue to resolve. Here are some additional details for your consideration as you plan your migration.


Other questions?

Please feel free to submit a support ticket if you have any questions, or if you’d like to get started on any of these requests.