Removing Finding Aids from Publication

To remove an EAD or PDF file from the publication queue once successfully submitted, contact us and supply the file name for the collection guide. If at any point you would like to publish the file again, please let us know.

Edit, Update, or Replace Published Finding Aids

EAD and PDF collection guides should always be edited via a replacement process, using the same procedures for submitting new files.

To replace a file, ensure that the file name for the new collection guide matches the file name for the one to be replaced. Your collection guide file name serves as a unique identifier in our publication system: do not rename files when submitting replacements. This will also ensure the the finding aid URL stays persistent and continues to resolve, even as your finding aid evolves.

Renaming EAD Files in the "Submission" Directory

If you need to change the file names for collection guides that you've already submitted, contact us -- we will need to make the changes for you.

Replacing RecordEXPRESS Finding Aids with EAD Files

If you would like to replace a RecordEXPRESS finding aid with a new EAD record, please review these recommendations.