If you are considering or in-process of migrating your digital collections to a new digital asset management system, or changing the domain name for your digital collections site, please let us know. Some examples of changes include:

  • Migrating to a new DAMS, for example from CONTENTdm to Omeka
  • Updating the domain for your digital collections, such as "digital-collections.example.org" to "digital.example.org"
  • Updating your security certification, for example from "http://" to "https://"

Since Calisphere is based on a metadata harvesting model where we pull in metadata and thumbnails that point to content hosted on your own site or system, send us a heads up if you see a new DAMS or URL changes in your horizon. We can help ensure that Calisphere continues to point users to your item links.

Maintaining stable or persistent URLs

It is important that your digital objects have stable -- and ideally, persistent -- URLs. When we harvest your digital objects, we create Calisphere-based URLs that are based on your source digital objects' URLs (e.g., in CONTENTdm, Omeka, DSpace, BePress, etc.). If you change those source URLs -- e.g., by migrating the collections to a different platform, changing the domain name, etc. -- the links from Calisphere to your digital objects will break. If users have cited your objects (e.g., in Wikipedia, articles, etc.), those links will also break.

Hence, we recommend using persistent URLs such as ARK or DOI whenever possible, to minimize broken links. If you do migrate collections from one platform to another or change domain names, you should also consider redirecting the old forms of URLs to the new URLs, so the older links do not break.