Calisphere Update: Deploying Our New Harvesting System

Posted 29 days ago by Christine Kim

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Christine Kim Admin

Dear Calisphere contributors,

We’re writing to share updates on our new Calisphere harvesting system, as well as our plans to deploy the updated system. Upgrading our harvesting infrastructure has included work to: build a new harvester, update our pipelines to contributors’ digital collections platforms, and implement a new index through fresh re-harvests from those platforms.

Here are the details of our deployment strategy: 

  • On June 11, 2024: As our first step, we published the first new index using the new system.
    • Exact phrase search: Exact phrase search is back!
      • Search tip: To find items with an exact phrase, use quotes [" "] around your keyword phrase. For example: "sierra buttes" or "Malcolm X."
    • Date filter on search results: The “decade” filter feature on Calisphere search results now surfaces exact “dates,” as provided in the item record metadata. This is a temporary adjustment and we will be modifying the functionality in the coming months, as we explore the options available with this new system.
  • Up next: We will be in touch with updates to resume harvesting services, including details on: submitting harvest requests, previewing harvested collections, and our publication schedule.

For additional details, please see our Calisphere Harvesting Upgrade FAQ. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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