As of fall 2017, Calisphere exhibitions are managed by CDL, in collaboration with members of the Calisphere contributor community.

Exhibitions Advisory Board

The Exhibitions Advisory Board is a small, standing group that helps CDL administer and advance the Calisphere exhibitions program.


Members of the Advisory Board:

  • Review all exhibitions proposals and make general editorial suggestions
  • Serve as consultants for CDL when issues and questions arise related to exhibitions
  • Periodically review exhibition guidelines, processes, and forms and recommend changes
  • Recommend changes and enhancements to the Calisphere exhibitions user interface

Additionally, one Board member participates in the planning and serves on each Exhibition Review Committee (see below) for a given exhibition. At this time, we anticipate that Board members can expect to work on 1-2 exhibitions per year.

Board members are also encouraged to recommend ways of growing and evolving Calisphere exhibitions, for example by surfacing good candidates for exhibition themes and topics, issuing “calls for proposals,” identifying project and/or funding opportunities, etc. But this dimension of Board service depends on the interests and availability of its members.


Calisphere Exhibitions Advisory Board comprises three volunteers, plus the OAC/Calisphere Service & Outreach Manager (who serves as the convener). Board members must be employed by or representative of a Calisphere contributing institution, though this guideline may be revisited in the future.

Current board members include Kelsi Evans (GLBT Historical Society), Eric Milenkiewicz (California State University, San Bernardino), and Monique Sugimoto (Palos Verdes Library District); the CDL convener is Christine Kim. Board members are nominated and appointed by the Board. If you are interested in serving on the Advisory Board in the future, please contact us.


Terms for the Calisphere Exhibitions Advisory Board are two years, and can be extended if necessary. Terms are staggered to provide consistency and reduce overhead.

Exhibition Review Committees (ad hoc)

Every Calisphere exhibition undergoes editorial review by an ad hoc committee comprising 3-4 individuals. The Review Committee is responsible for vetting the exhibition for accuracy and offering recommendations (and/or suggesting edits) that will make it more readable, compelling, and engaging for Calisphere’s target audiences.

The Exhibition Review Committee for each exhibition is assembled for that exhibition. The Committee always includes one Exhibitions Advisory Board member. The two other members may be recommended by the Advisory Board, exhibition curators, and the sponsoring institution, based on their subject knowledge or other expertise.

The Exhibitions Advisory Board is maintaining a list of interested volunteers to serve on these committees, from which we can pull as exhibitions are developed. If you are interested in playing such a role (estimated time commitment of 5-10 hours once per year), please contact us with your name, institutional affiliation, email, and area of interest or expertise (e.g. specialized historical knowledge, copyediting skills, exhibition design experience, etc.).