Nuxeo software development kits (SDKs)

Nuxeo supports multiple clients for accessing the platform: JavaScript, Java, Python, .NET, and PHP. For more information, see the Nuxeo's client SDKs documentation. See also Nuxeo's developer documentation for using their REST API.

CDL and campus library-developed code using the Nuxeo APIs

Additional code for interacting with the Nuxeo APIs is available on GitHub.


It is difficult to work with the API over Shibboleth, so we have set up rewrite rules to bypass shibboleth.


  • /Nuxeo/site/api/v1
  • /Nuxeo/site/automation
  • /Nuxeo/nxpicsfile
  • /Nuxeo/nxbigfile
  • /Nuxeo/nxdoc
  • /Nuxeo/restAPI

Basic Authentication

Please contact us to set up a Nuxeo account with a password for use with Basic Authentication.

Token Authentication

Nuxeo also supports token authentication. More information from Nuxeo.

The base URL for creating a token is

The following parameters must be supplied:

  • applicationName – name of the application using the token.
  • deviceId – id of the computer or device that will be using the token.
  • permission – permissions granted to the token, such as r or rw.
  • A deviceDescription is optional.

The token is sent as plain text in the response body.

An error response will be sent with a 400 status code if one of the required parameters is null or empty.

You can create as many tokens as you need. Tokens can be individually turned off by you in the Nuxeo interface.

Using the Token

Supply the token as the value of the X-Authentication-Token http header when making https requests to* URLs.