Depositing objects from the DAMS to Merritt can be initiated on request. Your Nuxeo Administrator can initiate the request. In order to be deposited into Merritt, we will need the following pieces of information:

  • The source Project Folder(s) in Nuxeo, containing the objects to be deposited.
  • The target Collection(s) in Merritt, where the objects should be deposited.

The CDL will then establish an ATOM feed, which Merritt will utilize to pull objects from the source Project Folder(s).  The ATOM feed is refreshed on a weekly basis. Any updates to objects or new objects added (to a given Project Folder) will automatically be directly deposited on a weekly basis.

The following guide in GitHub summarizes how Nuxeo objects are packaged within Merritt:

Note that once objects are deposited from Nuxeo into Merritt, the pass-through storage costs associated with Merritt will be applied. For more information about Merritt storage costs, contact