CDL hosts and provides a shared digital asset management system (DAMS), which at this time is available only to the UC Libraries for creating and managing object-level metadata and content files.

The shared DAMS is a customized implementation of Nuxeo, an enterprise platform that is used by a variety of organizations–from media companies to CollectionSpace (developed by UC Berkeley and the Museum of the Moving Image)–for their content management needs. Nuxeo was deployed as part of the UC Libraries Digital Collection (UCLDC) implementation project.

Nuxeo can be used by the UC Libraries to create and manage object-level metadata and content files. It also provides workflows for, if desired, publishing digital objects to Calisphere (for public access) and/or depositing them in Merritt (for long-term preservation). Learn more about content that is suitable for management in Nuxeo.

CDL Service Provision

The CDL provides the following support services related to Nuxeo:

  • Hosting and maintenance of Nuxeo technical infrastructure.
  • Coordination of software upgrades. Upgrades are always scheduled and communicated in advance, and may involve a brief service downtime to conduct the upgrade.
  • Management of backup/data recovery services.
  • Technical and user support consultation. We work closely with campus library Nuxeo administrators, who in turn provide additional technical and user support to staff within the library. Individual campus libraries have flexibility in adapting Nuxeo to local workflows; our service model supports adapting Nuxeo to those workflows.
  • Hosting and maintenance of CDL-created technical and user support documentation/tutorials.

There is currently no direct cost to the UC Libraries, for utilizing the service.


  • Nuxeo is a service available to the UC Libraries. The CDL maintains a single instance of Nuxeo, which is shared across campus libraries.
  • UC campus libraries may also use the service to steward content on behalf of non-UC partner organizations. In this role, the UC campus library assumes responsibility for maintaining the content, and serves as the key service contact point for partner organizations.

UC Campus Library Responsibilities

  • Maintain a key contact (Nuxeo Administrator) on file with the CDL; notify the CDL if a new staff member will be assuming the role as the Nuxeo Administrator. Specific responsibilities include:
    • Authorizing users of Nuxeo affiliated with their respective campus library.
    • Setting the appropriate permissions for Nuxeo users.
    • Restricting access to their campuses’ resources in Nuxeo (as necessary).
    • Indicating which resources (if any) in Nuxeo should be deposited into CDL’s Merritt long-term preservation repository.
    • Indicating when their institutions’ collections in Nuxeo are ready for harvest into Calisphere.
    • Serving as first points of contact for CDL on issues and questions related to their respective institutions’ collection.
  • Securely maintain Nuxeo accounts, and do not provide logins and passwords to any third party. If an account holder's password has been compromised for any reason, it should be changed immediately.
  • When utilizing the Nuxeo service to publish content to Calisphere, abide by the terms of participation for Calisphere.
  • When utilizing the Nuxeo service to deposit content into Merritt, follow the policies and procedures for Merritt. Note that once objects are deposited from Nuxeo into Merritt, the pass-through storage costs associated with Merritt will be applied. For more information about Merritt storage costs, contact

This policy was last updated November 2021 and is subject to periodic revision. Any material changes to our policies will be communicated and shared with Nuxeo users.