Depositing objects from the DAMS to Merritt can be initiated on request.

How to initiate your request to deposit from the Shared DAMS to Merritt:

You can initiate a request by submitting the form below. In order to be deposited into Merritt, we will need the following pieces of information:

  • The source Project Folder(s) in Nuxeo, containing the objects to be deposited.
  • The target Collection(s) in Merritt, where the objects should be deposited.

What happens next:

The CDL will then establish an ATOM feed, which Merritt will utilize to pull objects from the source Project Folder(s).  The ATOM feed is refreshed on a weekly basis. Any updates to objects or new objects added (to a given Project Folder) will automatically be directly deposited on a weekly basis.

The following guide in GitHub summarizes how Nuxeo objects are packaged within Merritt:

Note that once objects are deposited from Nuxeo into Merritt, the pass-through storage costs associated with Merritt will be applied. For more information about Merritt storage costs, contact

Submit your request: