Only authorized users—UC Libraries staff, student workers, and other individuals expressly designated by the UC Libraries—may access Nuxeo. An account is necessary for accessing the system; once an account is obtained, a user can authenticate with his/her single sign-on credentials via Shibboleth.

To request an account:

  1. Go to the Collection Registry and request an account by logging in using your Single Sign-On account.
  2. You will receive a confirmation message indicating that your account request has been submitted.
  3. CDL will send a follow-up e-mail to you, to confirm once your account has been activated. At that point, you can log into Nuxeo.
  4. All new user accounts will have read-only permissions by default. Each campus has a Nuxeo Administrator that can grant user permissions on that campus as necessary. Learn more about setting Nuxeo account permissions...

The creation of accounts are authorized by Nuxeo Administrators. Nuxeo Administrators perform administrative functions in the DAMS -- and in close consultation with -- their respective institutions. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Authorizing users of Nuxeo affiliated with their respective campus library
  • Setting the appropriate permissions for Nuxeo users
  • Restricting access to their campuses’ resources in Nuxeo (as necessary)
  • Indicating which resources (if any) in the Nuxeo should be deposited into Merritt for long-term preservation
  • Indicating when their institutions’ collections in Nuxeo are ready for harvest into Calisphere
  • Serving as first points of contact for CDL on issues and questions related to their respective institutions’ collections

Nuxeo Administrators

UCB Bancroft Library
Mary Elings
UCB Libraries
Lynne Grigsby
UCB Environmental Design Archives
UCB Ethnic Studies Library
Melissa S. Stoner
UC Davis Libraries
Dale Snapp
UC Irvine Libraries        
Paul Park
Madelynn Dickerson
UC Merced Library
Emily Lin
Jerrold Shiroma 
UCLA Library
Dawn Childress
UC Riverside Library
Krystal Boehlert
Noah Geraci
UC San Diego Library
Roger Smith
UC San Francisco Library
Charlie Macquarie
UC Santa Barbara Library
Chrissy Rissmeyer
UC Santa Cruz
Rachel Jaffe