If you have identified any digital items that need to be removed, please let us know. This includes items that you’ve identified should be:

  • removed from public discovery due to legal, ethical, or other considerations;
  • removed due to an item's copyright status;
  • or removed based on any other new information you have learned about the item. 

In cases where you need to immediately remove the item and/or metadata for a given object, please contact us with information about the items to remove and the reason for the removal. We'll remove the metadata from the Calisphere in a timely manner. We will also work with DPLA to do the same.

Here’s a suggested workflow:

  1. Contributor removes (or restricts) the record from their public DAMS -- this ensures that we will not pick up the item during any future re-harvests.
  2. Contributor contacts CDL with instructions to remove the item and/or metadata, including a URL.
  3. CDL removes the record from Calisphere.
  4. CDL sends a request to DPLA to delete the record from DPLA.
  5. CDL submits a removal request to Google. (Request to remove the page from appearing in Google Search.)

If you have opted to update the item record and/or description, please submit a re-harvest request so that we can conduct a re-harvest to pick up your changes.