When finding aids are submitted, OAC will automatically generate a printable PDF version. These versions are linked through the OAC browser display, as shown here:

The "PDF" link will display after the OAC is fully re-indexed, currently every weekend. So if you submit a finding aid on a given weekday, the "PDF" link should display on Monday the following week. In the meantime, this link may temporarily display a “noPDF” label.

Potential errors with printable PDFs

We are observing that some finding aids are not generating printable PDF even after a full week has passed (less than 1% of all finding aids in OAC). We have been unable to identify the exact  characteristics that may potentially block a printable PDF from generating, but they are generally over 1 MB in size. We are currently investigating solutions or workarounds to address this issue. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this error.