Zoom is a video and audio conferencing application. If you have not used Zoom before, please join at least 5 minutes early to manage your audio settings.

You may also use this Zoom Test instance to check your connection in advance: https://zoom.us/test

For web-conferencing and screenshare:

Join the call by clicking on the link in the invitation sent to you by the organizer.

For audio:

Select whether you will use the computer audio (for speaking and listening) or if you will dial in by phone.

If you are joining audio by computer…

  • If you select computer audio, you can perform a sound check by clicking on the ^ button beside the Microphone (mute/unmute) button, and select Test Speaker & Microphone.
  • If computer audio fails, select Switch to Phone Audio to pull up your dial-in instructions.

If you are joining audio by phone…

  • Dial the phone number and enter the meeting ID
    • Dial: +1 408 638 0968
    • Meeting ID: [insert ID]
  • You will be placed into the call

Once you are placed in the call, please mute yourself if you are not speaking in order to reduce background noise.

Settings, in general:

You can find the Settings tab in the main dialog box or in the meeting menu bar.

  • Audio: You can test, select and adjust your speakers, and microphone
  • Video: You can test and select your video camera