Prepare MARC21 Files

  • For recommendations on encoding MARC collection guides, see our UC Bibliographic Standards for Cooperative, Vendor, and Campus Backlog Cataloging [PDF] (Appendix B, "Collection Level Records").
  • Files must be in the MARC 21 format (i.e., not MARCXML). Note that a single file may constitute an individual MARC record, or may constitute multiple MARC records.
  • We recommend naming files using lowercase letters and numbers, underscores, or dashes; do not include spaces. Use periods for the file extension only.
  • Use .mrc or .marc as a file name extension. Do not include punctuation at the end of the file name.
  • Within the context of the OAC display, the Leader 07 (BLvl; Bibliographic Level) MARC field is used to differentiate collection guides vs. item-level records in search and browse results. Any record coded as "c" (for collection) will appear on the Collections search results tab; otherwise, the record will appear on the Items search results tab.

Submit MARC21 Files

  • Once you've set up a connection to the OAC server, upload MARC files from your workstation to your MARC Production Directory on our server.
  • Contact us to request processing of the MARC files for publication. It takes approximately one week for files to move into publication, once they are processed.