Metadata Requirements

All data harvested into Calisphere must include minimum metadata as specified by the Metadata Scheme and Crosswalk.

This ensures the interoperability and display of data on the DPLA site, the Calisphere site, and any sites developed using the API to the Solr common index underlying Calisphere. CDL will work with collection owners to create any necessary metadata mappings from local systems, as well as potentially enhance metadata by reconciling it with third-party sources.

CDL and the UC Libraries may determine in the future to create more restrictive requirements, should they substantially improve the user experience across the aggregation (for example, by enabling new facets).

Metadata Rights and Restrictions

All metadata available through Calisphere complies with DPLA’s Policy Statement on Metadata [PDF]. In brief, for all data available through Calisphere:

  • The vast majority of metadata is not subject to copyright restrictions.
  • Creators of metadata agree to dedicate any copyrightable metadata to the public domain pursuant to a CC0 Public Domain Dedication.
  • CDL asserts no rights over the metadata in the Solr common index and dedicates its contributions to the public domain.
  • Users are free to harvest, collect, modify, and/or otherwise use any metadata contained in the Solr common index (by way of the DPLA website and platform, the API to the common index, and/or the Calisphere website). Note that although the CC0 dedication gives users the right to use the data in the common index for any purpose and without restriction, CDL nevertheless encourages users to adopt the best practices below.

The stated rights and restrictions comply with the proposed UC Libraries Metadata Sharing Policy.

API Policies / Metadata Re-use Best Practices