EAD validation error container "type" (for ArchivesSpace users)

Posted over 2 years ago by Christine Kim

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Christine Kim Admin

During your finding aid submission process, you may encounter an error that looks like this:

/apps/dsc/data/in/oac-ead/submission/example.xml:61:0:ERROR:SCHEMASV:SCHEMAV_CVC_DATATYPE_VALID_1_2_1: Element '{urn:isbn:1-931666-22-9}
container', attribute 'type': '' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'xs:NMTOKEN'.

This is an issue in which the containers indicated in the EAD record have an empty "type" attribute. Looking at the XML file, you may see something like this:

            <unittitle>Series 2</unittitle>
                label="Mixed Materials" 
                type="">Box 6

Please feel free to open up the resource record and indicate the "Container Type," as shown in this image: 

This issue has been reported to ArchivesSpace and is awaiting prioritization. For details, please see: https://archivesspace.atlassian.net/browse/ANW-1268?oldIssueView=true

Please feel free to upvote, watch, and/or provide additional details in the JIRA ticket.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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Christine Kim posted 4 months ago Admin

ArchivesSpace has addressed the export of blank "type" attributes in v3.3.0; with this version, blank "type" attributes should no longer be included in the XML export.

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