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Nuxeo 10.10 Upgrade Notification - Completed

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Dear Nuxeo Shared DAMS users,

The CDL-hosted Nuxeo (nuxeo.cdlib.org) upgrade to version 10.10 is completed. Please feel free to resume working in the instances -- and contact us via the OAC/Calisphere Contributor Help Center if you encounter any problems.

To learn more about version 10.10, see the Nuxeo release notes.

We are observing that the upgraded Nuxeo instance is running slower at times, and we are monitoring the issue. We think this may be related to a configuration change related to how Nuxeo handles deleted items stored in the Trash. We are working on updating the configuration; ahead of that, we anticipate that the command-line tools and ancillary tools (e.g., Nuxeo File Uploader Client for bulk uploading files, nuxeo_spreadsheet for importing tab-delimited metadata) will need to be updated. We will be in touch with instructions to upgrade these tools.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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