This document provides recommendations for encoding finding aids using the EAD Version 2002 standard, for contribution to the OAC.

EAD files must meet the following minimal requirements, in order to be published in OAC:

  • Be well-formed XML.
  • Successfully validate against the EAD Version 2002 Document Type Definition or EAD 2002 Schema. The Schema is available in two syntaxes: Relax NG Schema (RNG) and W3C Schema (XSD).
  • Have a valid filename.
  • Contain a second <titleproper> with a type attribute set to "filing".
  • Contain valid attribute values in <eadheader> and <eadid>.
  • Contain ISO compliant scriptcode and langcode attributes in <language>.
  • Contain only one <unittitle> in the top-level <did>.
  • Have a valid attribute value in <archdesc>.
  • Have the top-level <unitdate>, within <did>, encoded outside of <unittitle>.
  • Contain valid repositorycode and countrycode attributes in the top-level <unitid>, within <did>.
  • If using the normal attributes in <data> or <unitdate>, they must be ISO 8601-compliant.
  • Not contain unnumbered (recursive) <c> in the <dsc>.
  • Not contain tabular markup (<drow>/<dentry>) in the <dsc>.