All data harvested into the Solr common index underlying Calisphere must adhere to our Metadata Scheme and Crosswalk, which was adapted from the DPLA Metadata Application Profile.

Summary of Required Metadata

The following table summarizes data elements that must be present in each metadata record for harvest into the Calisphere, and subsequently DPLA:

  • Title
  • Type, based on DCMI Type Vocabulary
  • Rights Status using a or Creative Commons URI, indicating a standardized rights or licensing statement for the resource. Otherwise, denote the rights status as "copyrighted," "public domain," or "unknown," and additionally include a Rights Statement (narrative statement that provides users with information about any copyright restrictions pertaining to use and re-use of the digital object)
  • Is Shown At (URL to a publicly-accessible view of the digital object)
  • Object (URL to a thumbnail image or service file suitable for public display, which can be used for display within the context of Calisphere and DPLA object views and search/browse results

Note that default values for Type, Rights Status, and/or Rights Statement can optionally be supplied to the CDL -- and those values can be automatically applied to individual metadata records within a given collection, at the time they are harvested.