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Update on Usage Statistics: Testing Matomo as our Next Web Analytics Service

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Since last fall, CDL has been investigating the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) service while also evaluating our usage statistics implementation, with the intent to implement an analytics service that is both privacy-oriented as well as more widely usable by partner organizations.

To date, CDL has been supporting Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) in Calisphere and OAC, requiring Tracker IDs from contributors to enable access to usage stats. Last year, Google announced plans to transition to their more current GA4 service, and sunset their Universal Analytics service as of July 1st, 2023. 

Through this process, we identified several requirements for our usage stats model:

  • Ability to subset usage by contributors and by collection
  • No additional implementation or setup required by Calisphere/OAC contributors
  • Ease of access to usage stats and reports, for Calisphere/OAC contributors
  • Accuracy of data (e.g., no data sampling)
  • GDPR compliance with data protection and privacy

Matomo, a usage analytics application increasingly adopted in higher education settings, has surfaced as a strong candidate for meeting these requirements. We are currently testing its capacity to be our next usage analytics solution, with a goal to track and process usage data by July 2023. As part of our Matomo testing, we are also evaluating optimal implementation strategies to share usage statistics and reports with OAC/Calisphere contributors.

Join us on April 26 at 11:00 am to learn more about our usage analytics strategy and implementation timeline, as we understand the importance of usage stats for contributors and the implications with the sunsetting of Universal Analytics.

Please see the meeting details to register for the Zoom link, and feel free to pass along this information.

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