Calisphere and OAC web analytics now tracked through Matomo!

Posted 12 months ago by Christine Kim

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We are excited to share that as of July 1, 2023, we have fully implemented Matomo to track and process web usage on both the OAC and Calisphere sites!

In April 2023, we announced that we would begin to test Matomo as a web usage analytics platform for OAC and Calisphere, and that we would transition off Google Analytics (GA) when their Universal Analytics platform stopped processing data as of July 1, 2023. Over the past two months, we set up a test Matomo instance with goals to compare apples-to-apples metrics between GA and Matomo, tune our custom configuration to subset usage metrics by contributor and collection, and inform our full implementation of the platform. All of this work enabled us to confidently shift to Matomo, by the July deadline.

Our next steps

Our immediate next priority is to develop Matomo usage statistics reports to share with OAC and Calisphere contributors, with the goal of making them easily available to you on a “self-serve” basis. Since Matomo is a new platform to us, we are taking time to get familiar with its features, plug-ins, and reporting capabilities. Stay tuned for an update about our approach to producing shareable reports.

Matomo implementation FAQ page

If you are interested in additional details about our ongoing Matomo implementation activities, as well as information about legacy GA usage data, please read our Calisphere and OAC Usage Analytics with Matomo page in the OAC/Calisphere Contributor Help Center. We will also continue to update this page as our plans develop.


Please feel free to contact us if you have questions. 

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