Work-in-Progress Update: Calisphere Harvesting

Posted 6 months ago by Christine Kim

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Continuing to Develop Calisphere's New Harvesting System

Development progress on our new Calisphere harvesting system is on track as we continue to make strong progress! As we near the end of the calendar year, we’d like to clarify our timeline for the coming months:

  • Through the end of the 2023 calendar year: We will conduct final tests on the new infrastructure to verify that the full pipeline–from harvesting to building the Calisphere index–is performing as expected. Testing the full harvesting process is a critical part of developing this new infrastructure. 
  • Beginning early 2024: We will transition all Calisphere harvesting operations into the new system, including building a new index through fresh re-harvests with contributor platforms. This work will ensure that Calisphere has the most current version of your published collections. 

Additional details about our deployment and transition strategy are available on our “Calisphere Harvesting System Upgrade” page in our Contributor Help Center.  We will be in touch with updates as our progress continues.

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