Introducing a New "Policies" Section in the Contributor Help Center

Posted over 2 years ago by Adrian Turner

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Adrian Turner
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We’d like to highlight a new “Policies” section in our Contributor Help Center, where you’ll find a more detailed articulation of expectations for participation in OAC/Calisphere -- primarily as they pertain to CDL and contributor communications and responding to user inquiries. These expectations are also referenced in our terms of service agreement, which is a document completed by all new OAC and Calisphere contributing organizations as part of the membership process.

By posting this information in our Contributor Help Center, our intent is to make the key provisions of our service policies easier to find, reference, and access.
Here’s a summary of key communications expectations. Contributors will:

  • Respond to public inquiries pertaining to access and use of the collections.
  • Respond to public and/or CDL inquiries regarding removal, remediation, and other requests due to legal or ethical considerations (e.g. content not suited for broad access; updating metadata and/or content; etc.).
  • Maintain a current key contact on file with CDL; notify CDL if a new staff member or volunteer will be assuming the role as the key contact.
  • Notify CDL of changes to your digital collections platform, particularly anything that may generate new item record URLs in your platform. Where possible, maintain durable URLs for your digital collections and/or finding aids to support long-term and continuous access.

We additionally ask that contributors securely maintain all accounts and not provide logins or passwords to any third party. If an account holder's password has been compromised for any reason, it should be changed immediately.

More generally, we are working towards providing a clearer articulation of our service policies. This includes a new statement summarizing OAC/Calisphere membership eligibility. We will continue to formalize additional policies over time, reflecting our commitment to professional standards and community best practices as they pertain to providing responsible and ethical access to collections; we will be engaging with you as these are developed.

We will be holding an office hours session on Friday, December 10 at 11:00 AM to highlight these service policies and discuss any questions you may have.

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