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OAC update: "Building a National Finding Aid Network"

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In the coming weeks, you may notice a pop-up survey appearing on the OAC website. As part of theĀ Building a National Finding Aid Network (NAFAN) project, we are temporarily running a pop-up survey to help identify individuals who are interacting with finding aids available through the OAC. We hope this survey helps identify potential candidates to conduct follow-up user interviews, to help us gain a current understanding of researcher needs in relation to finding aid aggregations.

Also in the coming weeks, please stay tuned for a call for participants for virtual focus group interviews, to be hosted in the spring 2021 timeframe. This will be an opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences with describing the collections that your organization stewards -- and making those collections available for use by your local community and the broader public. This research activity is being conducted to help us gain a current understanding of the needs of cultural heritage institutions in relation to finding aid aggregation.

For more information about the NAFAN research and development project, please visit theĀ project wiki page.

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