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Auto-generated PDF view produces erroneous links for supplementary files

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We are experiencing an error that is specifically found within the auto-generated PDF view.

Finding aids viewed within the auto-generated PDF view are producing erroneous links. These linking errors are limited to supplementary PDF files that are saved in the user-pdf-dav directory.

The link structure for supplementary PDF files is typically:


But the auto-generated PDF view instead points to:


Please note, this only affects the links from the auto-generated PDF view. The links continue to work correctly on the OAC browser view, as well as the HTML view.

We are investigating a fix for this. Please feel free to provide additional reports of this error in the comments. Thanks!

We have this issue represented in our Pivotal Tracker operations queue -- https://www.pivotaltracker.com/story/show/168771778

We will provide updates as we make progress to resolve this error.

We will be replacing auto-generated PDF format with single-page printable HTML option. Additional information is available here: https://help.oac.cdlib.org/support/discussions/topics/9000060588

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