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Intermittent "noPDF" errors on finding aids

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We are experiencing intermittent errors with the PDF generation process on finding aid submissions. Starting sometime in March 2019, some finding aids did not generate a PDF -- instead, "noPDF" text appears where the PDF icon and link would typically appear.

We are currently troubleshooting the issue, but will be re-running the PDF process back through March to pick up cases where the PDF files did not generate.

Please feel free to report occurrences of this PDF generation error in the comments. Thanks!

This seems like a related issue, but I might be wrong about that. Last week I uploaded an updated finding aid for the Octavia E. Butler papers. The new version of the finding aid is live, but the pdf version hasn't updated. This is easy to see in the call number field -- it's mssOEB 1-8000 in the old version and mssOEB 1-9062 in the new version.

Thanks for your help!

Update: PDFs typically auto-generate during the full-weekend reindex for new or updated submissions. However, we are observing that some finding aids are not generating printable PDF even after a full week has passed (less than 1% of all finding aids in OAC). We have been unable to identify the exact characteristics that may potentially block a printable PDF from generating, but they are generally over 1 MB in size. We are currently investigating solutions or workarounds to address this issue. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this error.

We will be replacing auto-generated PDF format with single-page printable HTML option. Additional information is available here: https://help.oac.cdlib.org/support/discussions/topics/9000060588

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