Ways to reconcile Calisphere, Nuxeo, and original upload lists.

Posted about 5 years ago by Kelsey Raidt

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Kelsey Raidt

Hello all,

Does any one have a method for doing a comparison with their uploads to check for issues?  This last Calisphere upload had an issue and approximately 700 items did not upload.  I attempted to use the Nuxeo CSV exporter to check the Nuxeo upload against my original spreadsheet to identify the missing items, but was only able to export 1000 rows. I also did not find a way to check files in Calisphere except by individual title searches. Has anyone developed a quick method to do a bulk comparison that would also identify individual missing files?

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Noah Geraci posted about 5 years ago

Hi Kelsey, 

I haven't found a particularly quick or straightforward method for this, unfortunately-- there are a lot of limitations in the Nuxeo user interface when it comes to bulk operations. I end up writing a lot of one-off Python and Bash scripts to do things like this-- if it's of interest I can look around later this week and see if I have anything that might be helpful.

There's a bit of set-up overhead if you're not already using it, but the Nuxeo Spreadsheet command-line tool can get a full CSV export from Nuxeo.

I usually don't need to do too much detailed checking in Calisphere as far as item counts-- if I've verified that all the files are in Nuxeo, and am still seeing a mismatch after a Calisphere harvest, I let CDL know during QC that I'm expecting to see X items and am instead seeing Y.

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