CDL-hosted ArchivesSpace plug-in support: generate accession identifiers

Posted about 5 years ago by Adrian Turner

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Adrian Turner
Adrian Turner Admin

The UCSF Library (Industry Documents Library) is interested in utilizing the ArchivesSpace "generate_accession_identifiers" plug-in, as part of their workflow for creating Accession records. Information about the plug-in is available at 

Are other UC campus libraries interested in utilizing this plug-in?

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Adrian Turner

Adrian Turner posted over 4 years ago Admin

This plug-in has been enabled on a CDL-hosted sandbox instance of ArchivesSpace, for evaluation by UC campus libraries. In evaluating the plug-in, and sharing it with contacts across the UC campus library user group, we learned that it generates accession identifiers across all Repositories within a given instance. Based on the feedback we've received to date, this is problematic -- and campuses have not requested that we install it on their ArchivesSpace instances.

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