Calisphere posters and handouts available!

Posted about 7 years ago by Adrian Turner

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Adrian Turner
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Many of you may know that we have long offered beautiful Calisphere posters featuring images from your collections as a way to promote the site. These were originally produced in 2006 as part of Calisphere’s release, and have been hung on the walls of classrooms, dorm rooms, and libraries of all types all throughout the state.


We are now pleased to share with you a new round of designs that celebrate the new look of the site and the amazing and diverse materials you collect:


We will gladly ship as many posters to you as you want to hang in your institutions, in your workspaces, and/or give them away to your patrons. We also have small 5x7 handouts that can stack at the reference desk.


If you would like any of this collateral, please contact us with the designs and quantities you’d like, and your mailing address.


Huge thanks to the San Francisco Public Library, The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, UC Irvine Libraries, the Los Angeles Public Library, and the African American Museum and Library at Oakland for allowing us to feature items from their collections in these marketing materials!

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