Add Aeon "Request" button to digital objects in Calisphere

Posted over 7 years ago by Sherri.berger

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We should consider this from a holistic UX perspective: what should the button say? how does it relate to the general "contact us" button both on the interface and in the backend workflow?

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Adrian Turner

Adrian Turner posted about 5 years ago Admin

We recently released a new feature, in coordination with the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, to support the integration of Aeon with digital objects in Calisphere. Aeon is a request and workflow management software, licensed by Atlas Systems. If your institution is using Aeon, you can now embed an "Order Item" button in your Calisphere objects. Users clicking on the button can then log into your Aeon system and send requests pertaining to the digital object (reference questions, photoduplication orders, etc.). For an example of the integration, see the UC Berkeley Bancroft Library's collections in Calisphere.

To enable Aeon integrations with your collections in Calisphere, contact us.


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